Friday, July 10, 2015

Why blame MY3?

Some blame MY3 for allowing Mahinda Rajapakshe’s nomination. The same, like innocent victims of a Ponzi scheme, believe that there was a revolution earlier this year and that MY3 led it. 

The latter is a lie, (therefore) the former is baseless.

What happened on January 8th is a revolution if you believe that revolutions happen because a greedy company poisoned the drinking water of a village. Certainly it is a cause for concern and one that requires political action but the central bank of this country was robbed in day light by a Singaporean friend of the prime minster but failed to spark a revolution. This is because real revolutions, ones that seek to transform an entire society don’t just happen because people do not like what the government does. In the same vein Rathupasswala incident was not a cause for such revolution. But it was branded as part of a real revolution. Those who subscribed to this brand thought they were taking part in a revolution. They were ultimately coerced into taking membership in the MY3 fan club

MY3 fan club’s only contribution to the so called revolution was believing that a revolution was taking place. But that was good enough for regime change.

What existed for the last several years in the country was not a grass root struggle to overhaul the political system but a Ponzi scheme (in the political sense) to oust Mahinda Rajapakshe. 

Of course, in the later years, a large section of the society did not like how MR was running (or not running) the country and wanted him out of office. What is interesting about most vociferous of these MR haters is that they did pretty well during the “regime”. They had good jobs, had their children in good schools and drove to exotic destinations on the newly carpeted highways in SUVs and simply wanted a man who talked walked and dressed like them running the country. “Who the hell these buggers think they are” they thought-out loud about Rajapakshes but dared not start a revolution because it ain’t their style. Still this was an innocent political ambition albeit a long term vision.  But the Ponzies who started what was later branded as a Revolution were different. They wanted to oust Rajapakshe and install a puppet regime that could be manipulated by the west and India (if the west allowed) and eventually divide the country and send their heroes to the guillotine so that Sinhalas would never lift a finger again. Ponzies plan was not exactly what the majority of MR haters had in mind. Ponzies on their part did well to hide the grand plan and dished out a made up revolution to the hoi polloi. Gullible MR haters gobbled up the Revolution idea and became members of the MY3 club.

The Ponzi scheme did not have a head figure because Ponzi schemes do not need one. It was about one and half months before the presidential elections that the Ponzies came out with the name of Maithripala Sirisena. By that time the Ponzi scheme was well entrenched in the society and the MR haters quickly exalted MY3 to be their revolutionary leader. Their beloved MY3 was not even part of the Ponzie scheme till the last minute let alone leading it. MY3 was so chosen only because Ranil Wickramasinghe had a pathetic record among the Sinhalas. Anyone with a doubt should consult Rajitha Senaratne. 

The Ponzie scheme is now falling apart though Rajitha thinks there is still a chance to come good. Some MR haters still have not realized that they bought into a Ponzie scheme. They insist that MY3 betrayed them but I think it is unfair by MY3. It would be a consolation to them if one day MY3 admit that he himself was a victim of the Ponzie scheme.

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