Friday, November 15, 2013

The ugly Englishman and their servants

By Nalin de Silva

The Channel 4 (of the BBC) crew that has come to Sri Lanka with Visas to cover the CHOGM is not doing what they have being given accreditation to do. It is clear by their behavior that they are interested in cooking up another video footage(s) against the Sri Lankan government and the armed forces and of course the Sinhala people though not clearly expressed. They think that Sri Lanka is still their colony and are angry that the President, the Defense Secretary and the armed forces were able to defeat the LTTE terrorists against the wish of the former. They disregarded all diplomatic and media courtesy on Tuesday to jump at the President after a formal meeting where nobody else asked questions. Presumably they wanted to go to Vavunia on Wednesday where no CHOGM activities were held, but had to come back to Colombo without fulfilling their objectives when people objected to their visit. They are after all not in Sri Lanka on ordinary tourist visas and they know the conditions of accreditations well. They would say that they are against violations of human rights by the LTTE also but these are mere balancing exercises practiced by the hypocritical English media. How many video footages have they come up with on the LTTE activities. 

We should not think that the channel four is on their own. They are doing a job for the English government with its colonies Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, as it is England that is preoccupied with sending the President and the Defense Secretary to the guillotine on cooked up charges on war crimes. We are not surprised to find Snow of Channel 4 coming to Colombo with the English Prime Minister Cameron. It is England that created the Tamil problem and had been using especially the English educated Tamils, which includes the rump LTTE dispersed in London and Toronto and some clergy and NGO peace vendors against the Sinhala people who fought and are still fighting against repressive English colonialism. Snow, Macrae and others are only serving Cameron and his government. I have described the English involvement in creating the Tamil problem in “An Analysis of Tamil Racism in Sri Lanka.” The English want to take revenge for defeating the LTTE terrorists whom England supported through Norway and other countries. The role of those countries is over and England has been forced to remove the mask it has been wearing so far. England may have banned the LTTE but all its front organizations have been allowed to function and sometimes demonstrate against Sri Lanka closing the main roads in London for hours. The hypocrisy of the Ugly Englishman is well known in the former colonies of England.  When Hague lambasted Sri Lanka at Hikkaduwa he only expressed his wrath at Sri Lanka for defeating the LTTE.

There are some so called Liberals and Marxists in Sri Lanka who still want to serve the ugly Englishman following their fathers, uncles, step fathers and the rest, and they would not be able to come to power through ballot for some time. These people have joined hands with the ugly Englishman, and they think that they could topple the government and send the Rajapakses to the guillotine for so called war crimes. It is not necessary to describe the war crimes committed by   England during the last two hundred years or so but those in Sri Lanka who serve the ugly Englishman are incorrigible Anglophiles having no inhibition to join hands with the ugliest of the ugly in the history of the humankind. The servants of the ugly Englishman who opposed the humanitarian operations against the LTTE terrorists will never understand that it was their master who created and nurtured the Tamil problem, and that there is no vote in the English suburbs at the elections in Sri Lanka.                          

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