Friday, February 8, 2013

The JVP Remix

Few days ago the JVP organized a march under the anti imperialist banner. Though the banner implies that it is against so called imperialists, whoever they may be,  the JVP says it is the government that they are against for allowing the imperialists to work against the country.  So in actuality it is an anti government march; which is fine but why lie about it? Clearly they do not have the political capital to bring people together under an anti government banner. That is the only reason. 

It is clear that the JVP has started to play their “other” tune, the patriotic one. They keep swinging back to this tune whenever they realize that their Marxist project is not working. But lately the periodicity of this swinging has become so small that people remember both tunes and they know it is coming from the same player. The intention of the JVP is clear. They want to come to power in an undemocratic way, even if that means blood shed, because they cannot do so by democratic means.  The JVP may not be able to win people’s support even at the provincial level but they know how to shut down an entire country with death threats. Therefore we must make sure that we do not play into their hands.   

It is not a secret that some Sinhalas harbor anti Muslim sentiments. Some groups led by monks have given voice to these sentiments though they do not seem to have the support of the Buddhist majority. One of the major complains of Buddhists has been the illegal encroachment of scared and historical Buddhist grounds by Muslims communities. Though the government had the power to resolve these issues in favor of Buddhists it dragged its foot for too long letting the problem rot. When the government finally decided to do something about it they were able to do so amicably without aggravating any party.  For example in the case of Kuragala, Muslims who occupied this ground seem to have agreed to vacate without a protest after discussing with the authorities. So the Yakka is not as dark as it made out to be and it is clear that the agitation against Muslims by some of these groups is disproportionate. It also appears that some supporters of these groups are also covertly anti government in addition to being anti Muslims. This is probably why these groups get disproportionate publicity in the media. But this is a dangerous combination that can be manipulated by interested parties. Because, if these groups are actually anti government, they will not worry about the government being made unstable by an ethnic riot followed by a Kosovo style intervention. I am not suggesting that they are about to start one, or they want to do so and I pray that it will not. But don’t think there aren't people out there who want to see ethnic riots in this country and the JVP is right there to lend a hand. Those who spent time in the university system know how the JVP brings oppression upon them by igniting riots where there are none. Politics of dead bodies is JVP’s trademark and they may be up to their old tricks again.

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